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What Are Party Buses And What Are They Good For?

Party Buses are the vehicles that are used to carry people around for entertainment purposes. The amount of people they can carry depends on the type of vehicle you are using. To party hard what matters most is to have the family or friends you want to keep close to you, around you. What if, you are going to a party or a far-off place for some kind of event or ceremony and your journey itself becomes the real party for you? What could be better than that? All you need is to hire a party bus, keep your loved ones close and hit the road to a blissful time together. You will have your favorite company along rather it will be full of excitement, fun & joy for everyone in the ride.

What Kind Of Parties Can Be Hosted In A Party Bus?

Party buses can be used for diverse purposes. Some people use them to travel to their prescheduled ceremonies, events, testing, games, and wish to begin their party from the very journey and so they book a party bus for the anticipated fun and entertainment. Party buses are mostly used to conduct parties in them while you are on a move. Some occasions in which you can use a party bus are:

Wedding Party

Celebrate the big day in style. Not only a party bus is a creative way to match your wedding transportation to your unique style but you can count on people arriving to the your wedding and still ensure enough space and amenities for you to enjoy the ride along the way. Party buses provide spacious wedding transportation for family and guests and the celebration can begin the moment they step onto the party bus. You can toast the bride and groom while riding in the party bus on the way to the wedding reception without having to worry about leaving someone out as a designated driver. It’s also a convenient place for taking photographs while keeping the schedule intact for the whole day’s festivities.


Prom Night

Prom nights are usually about creating the life long memories and that’s very true as they effect on our lives very much. The end of one phase and beginning of the other could be life changing for many. To go to prom night, it is advisable to use a party bus as you can cram many of your friends and their partners in one vehicle together, constructing one of the most cherishable memory, of your life and that night. The vehicles for this night are decorated with lights, bars and an extra-ordinary sound system. Since parents book these party buses, so they remain assured about the licensed car and the driver.


Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Before your wedding a final celebration party with your mates is a must. Party bus can be your ultimate ride with a lot of amenities that can be useful for you like a proper bar, hard music, spa, stylish e-cigarettes, lavish dinner, casino among others. You can even enjoy a dance or two with the fancy girls on the hard floor in the huge bus. The ride will have a designated driver who will not be drunk by the end of the night and will drop you all home safely. And it can even have a napping spot for over drunks by the end of the night.


Attending a Concert

When you and your friends have a common favorite signer and he is in town for a scheduled concert the party bus is an ultimate option for all of you to go in and attend a concert. As a party bus will bring you a sober designated driver who will pick you from your multiple destination and will drop you off late back to your homes, sober or not. The party bus in itself will be a small tribute show to your favorite singer with the karaoke machine and lip sync performances.


Club Hopping

Use a party bus for the night you and your group of mates and their partners have decided to hop down the various clubs and parties all through the evening and night in your city. You can provide the driver with the list of clubs and private parties you want to visit on the go and then be carefree to just enjoy the night. The party bus itself can be transformed into a club with disco lights, music bar, and a dance floor so you can enjoy even in the way and be in the mood for clubbing.


Going to a Game

A game is just a favorite time together for many friends or family members when you just are pulled together into one space for the sake of enjoying your favorite sport. When you have to go to any sport event, you do not have to worry about traffic jams, nauseatingly parking lots with no parking and high price parking tickets, missing the start or toss while you are parking, getting left with no time to buy yourself a snack or all such consequences, if only you may book yourself a party bus. Rather you can sit back and relax or watch old performances of your favorite players on the flat screen in the party bus and enjoy it with your mates.


What Kind Of Additional Services Can Be Offered On-Board Of Party Buses

There is a variety of luxurious amenities to choose from as the packages are customizable, mostly. You can pick the ones keeping in mind the age group of your people. Party buses often offer the following additional services, features, benefits and things in their packages and you can pick as per your need of the occasion.

Flat Screen Television · DVD / Blu-Ray Player · Video Games · Karaoke Machine · Surround Sound System · Mini Bar / Full Bar (Alcohol/ Non-Alcohol) · Chocolates / Candies / Snacks · Champagne Glasses and Toasting Flutes · Ice · Cooler Storage · Smoke Machine · Disco Lights / LED Lighting / Neon Lights · Leather Couches · Pillows / Cushions · Dance Floor · Red Carpet · Internet · Props For Pictures · DSLR Camera · OTC Tablets And First Aid Kit · Chaperone For Kids · Celebrity Visit · Theme Decorations · Spacious Floors · Diverse Seating · Tinted Windows · Air Conditioning · Chauffer’s Intercom

Features Of The Party Buses Expected By The People Buying These Services

There are certain expectations of the users of the party bus when they book the service considering the assurances of the company regarding the following:

  • they expect that the drivers are commercially license holders
  • the drivers follow all the precautionary standards
  • the driver takes care of the motor vehicle and the hours of service
  • if they have not orders drug and alcohol, then it should not be available on board even for the show case
  • the company and the driver strictly adhere to safety driving procedures
  • all the safety requirements of vehicle in operation should be in order, including inspections of parts and accessories, repairs and maintenance, and
  • the company should be honest and shouldn’t charge extra


Tips On How To Book A Party Bus


Research Properly

When you are booking a ride especially a party bus from any company you need to be cautious about the following things:

  • check the licenses of the company and papers of the bus
  • judge the chauffeur’s training
  • vehicles’ quality
  • insurance and assurances
  • find their testimonials or reviews, available online and read them to assess their service quality

It is advisable to always figure out the above mentioned things about the company you are hiring, for the safety and security of the people on board.


Choose Price Wisely

People say the higher the rate the better the quality. While it may not be entirely true it has some substance to it, anyway. You will find diverse pricing packages with assorted values and amenities. Always pick wisely and go through the ratings and pricing very carefully. When you are done picking as per your choice tell the service provider to finalize it in written form for no grievance later on any party’s hand.


Check Your Ride Thoroughly

Professional service providers of the party buses know that it is best if the customers check the ride before booking it and go through every feature to be sure of the quality before the booking of the bus. This will give you the room to choose the vehicle as per your satisfaction.


Beware Of The Double Booking

You need to be a little conscious of who comes in and ride your private party bus as sometimes few clever and money hungry providers double book a party bus and try to pass it by blending the outsiders with your people. If caught they try to pass it by showing it as a mistake. You need to be vigilant on every stop the bus takes, if any.